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by C.RAE

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released February 24, 2016

FREE DOWNLOAD!! A collection of tracks that i enjoyed making with great people!

Here's the OFFICIAL VIDEO for "10 Bands" - youtu.be/ZrkRRvGr4MU

The MUSICK VIDEO for "Scars Bleed" - youtu.be/ukXOsaOkP5Q

OFFICIAL VIDEO'S for "Dreamer" (Featuring. Big K.O.Z) & "Get Away" (Featuring. Cryptic Wisdom & Tha New Breed)
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Track Name: C.RAE - Scars Bleed [Produced by Snowgoons]
I struggled to come to grips with reality,even losing you,i choose to do things differently,fuck it,play an acqustic loop,from soundcheck,to real life,now what am i surpossed to do ,when everything,around me crumbles, the pain is overwhelming,4 im a new man,but scars bleed, i dont need no new friends, from beef around the block, an right hooks, tying up loose ends, i hear the shells around the way,drop,im wondering whos next, a couple around the corner,got slaughtered, over a drug debt,8 some people need to get it together,remember,the sky bleeds black snow,black snow, the brotherhood will never change, truthfully,unity,is the key to overcoming fears, friends can turn to foes, quicker then the industry falls,12 im cornered,forced to walk away,surrounded by four walls, i swing untill theres nothing left, a memory whats been an gone ,i scream out to the lord,, wondering if he ever cared ,he never took the time to say its only normal to be scared, 16 ive been there, ive been down, swing untill my knuckles bare, i dont wanna go back,my mentallity is kill em all, from qld to swizterland,philly,i been around an back, im drowning outta air,scream,, i want you to fight back, 20 forget,the memorys,there better be a better life for my mother,,she juggled,death,, an cancer only made her stronger, no one i look up to more,then the women that raised me, you went through hell,an back,, just to get me home safely,24 il never forget, when i was younger,you,said that it'd be alright,i see the light,broken dreams,faith hidden in plane sight, i wont let you down, feel my pain, an look me in eyes, i tried to be the son you always wanted, youd never leave behind, 28, I know i had my moments, but you chose to stand by me,an fight for a better day,fight just to end the pain, No one ever seemed to give a fuck, so i just let em hate, id do anything to make you happy, even if its against the grain,32